Peter F. DeLuca, M.D.

Dr. DeLuca is an accomplished orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist Board Certified and Re-certified in Orthopaedic Surgery. He is the Head Orthopaedic Surgeon for the Philadelphia Flyers and is an Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Thomas Jefferson. He served 21 years as Team Physician for the Philadelphia Eagles, being on the field as Head Team Physician for the team as they won the Super Bowl in 2018. He has dedicated his career to treating athletes of all ages.

His expertise is in ACL reconstruction, shoulder labral repair and other advanced arthroscopic procedures of the shoulder and knee. Dr. DeLuca has served in the past as team physician for the Philadelphia Phantoms, Camden Riversharks, Philadelphia Kixx and Philadelphia Rage. He was selected to serve as Head Team Physician for the NFC in the Pro Bowl in 2003, 2004 and 2009.  In 2010, he led the Eagles medical staff of whom received an award for the Best Medical Staff in the NFL for 2010.

Dr. DeLuca was awarded the Dick Vermeil Lifetime Achievement Award,  and was the NHL Consultant for the Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia 2014.  In addition, he won the Joe S. Torg Award presented by the Philadelphia Sports Medicine Congress in 2018. He is also a member of the NHL Physicians Executive Committee.

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    Professional Profile

    • M.D., Georgetown University
    • Residency, Orthopaedic Surgery, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
    • Fellowship, Sports Medicine, Yale University Hospital
    Titles & Certifications
    • Head Team Physician, Philadelphia Eagles
    • Head Team Orthopaedic Surgeon, Philadelphia Flyers
    • Board Certified, Orthopaedic Surgery
    • Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Thomas Jefferson
    Hospital Affiliations
    • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
    • Methodist Hospital
    • Virtua Health Systems
    • Riverview Surgery Center
    Professional Associations
    • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
    • Association of Professional Team Physicians
    • Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Society
    • NFL Physicians Society
    • NHL Physicians Society
    • Eastern Orthopaedic Association
    • Arthroscopic Association of North America



    • Articles
        • Reflex Inhibition of the Quadriceps Femoris Muscle After Injury or Reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament
        • L Snyder-Mackler, ScD,  PF DeLuca, MD, PR Williams, BA, ME Eastlack, MSPT, AR Bartolozzi, MD
        • J Bone and Joint Surgery, 76 A:555-560, April 1994


        • Excision of Herniated Nucleus Pulposus in Children and Adolescents
        • PF DeLuca, MD, DE Mason, MD, R Weiant, DO, R Howard, DO, GS Bassett, MD
        • J Pediatric Orthop, 14:318-322, 1994
        • Tibial Neuroma Presenting as a Baker=s Cyst: A Case Report
        • PF DeLuca, MD and AR Bartolozzi, MD
        • J Bone and Joint Surgery Am 81(6):856-858, June 1999


        • Arthroscopic Treatment of Patellar Clunk
        • TS Lucas, MD, PF DeLuca, MD, DG Nazarian, MD, AR Bartolozzi, MD, RE Booth, MD
        • Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research (367):226-229, October 1999
        • Pneumomediastinum From Sports-Related Trauma - Key Findings and Recommendations
        • KJ Curley, MD, GW Dorshimer, MD,  AR Bartolozzi, MD, PF DeLuca, MD
        • The Physician and Sports Medicine, Vol 31, No 1, January 2003


        • Humeral Avulsion of the Glenohumeral Ligament Caused by Microtrauma to the Anterior Capsule in an Overhand Throwing Athlete
        • RM Gehrmann, MD, PF Deluca, MD, AR Bartolozzi, MD
        • The American Journal of Sports Medicine, Vol 31, No 4, 2003
    • Chapters
        • Knee Injuries
        • Athletic Training and Sports Medicine (2006 AAOS, 4th ed, pgs. 135-190)
        • J Ryan, PT, ATC, PF DeLuca, MD
        • Editors: Chad Starkey, PhD, ATC, Glen Johnson, MD



    • Abstracts
        • Profile, Pattern, and Performance of 100 Consecutive High-Level Football Players with Abdominal/Groin Injuries (“Sports Hernias”) Seen over the course of the 2005-2006 Season
        • WC Meyers, MD, M Horner, A Rettig, MD, PF DeLuca, MD,
        • PA Marchetto, MD, R Burkholter, ATC, D McCune, ATC, H Smith, ATC, M Pekarev, MD, R Monaco, MD
        • November 2006.


    • Lectures and Presentations


        • Overuse Injuries in Athletes                                            

                                        November 13, 1997

        • Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine
        • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        • Arthroscopic Treatment of Patellar Clunk Syndrome  

                                        November 20, 1998

        • Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Society
        • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        • Shoulder Instability                                                           

                                        February 4, 1999

        • Sports Doctor@ with Cross Keys Physical Therapy
        • Cable Television Viewing
        • Turnersville, New Jersey
        • Arthroscopic Treatment of Patellar Clunk Syndrome

                                        February 7, 1999

        • Specialty Day, Knee Society
        • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
        • Anaheim, California
        • Innovative Approaches for the Treatment of the UnstableShoulder

                                        March 6, 1999

        • 13th Annual Sports Medicine Conference
        • Athletic Trainers= Society of New Jersey
        • Thermal Capsular Shift - Where Are We Now?                       

                                        June 8, 2000

        • 1st Annual Philadelphia Sports Medicine Congress
        • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        • Topic:  Orthopaedic Sports Medicine     

                                        July 19, 2000

        • On-Call@ live call-in talk show
        • Comcast Cable CN8


        • Topic: Sports Injuries                                               October 26, 2000
        • Sports Doctor@ with  Cross Keys Physical Therapy
        • Cable Television Viewing
        • Turnersville, New Jersey
        • Posterolateral Corner Injuries of the Knee

                                        June 13, 2003

        • Hahnemann Sports Medicine Conference
        • Mt. Laurel, New Jersey
        • Blueprint for Fixing the Rotator Cuff                   

                                        January 30, 2004

        • 2004 Virtua Rehabilitation Network Sports Symposium
        • Voorhees, New Jersey
        • Shoulder Instability in a Hockey Player                         

                                        June 11, 2004

        • Hahnemann Sports Medicine Conference
        • Mt. Laurel, New Jersey
        • Osteochondritis Dissecans of the Knee                        

                                        January 20, 2006

        • 3rd Annual Sports Medicine Symposium
        • Virtua Hospital
        • Hip Injuries in Athletes                                                     

                                        May 20, 2006

        • Eagles Sports Medicine Symposium
        • Philadelphia, PA



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