Rosanna - Bilateral Knee Replacement

My name is Rosanna and I had bilateral total knee replacement 10 weeks ago. To say that Dr. Austin and Muoy gave me my life back is a total understatement. 

As a busy wife, mother of 2 boys and a nurse practitioner at a busy academic hospital, I am and have always been active. Unfortunately, over the course of the last 4 years (2012 and on), I began to have progressively worsening knee pain. At first, cortisone injections and PT helped for over 18 months. From 2015 and on, my knees became progressively unsteady. I sustained several falls from my knees "giving out", I could no longer do spinning or zumba classes and by December, 2016, I could barely walk without pain and stiffness. I failed cortisone, PT and orthovisc. I was so depressed as I had been told that "no one would do knee replacement at my age".

After cancelling a trip to NYC at Christmas time, I decided I needed a second opinion. Matthew Austin and his team took the time to review my imaging, discuss my options and then reassured me that despite the long road, I would be an ideal candidate for bilateral knee replacement. I left the office crying tears of relief because I finally felt like someone had listened---he and Muoy also did not sugar coat the difficult road of recovery.

I had my surgery on 3/22/17 at Rothman Specialty Hospital. I am 10 weeks out from my bilateral knee replacement. I am now walking over 3 miles per day (and still aiming for more). I am walking up and down stairs several times per day with little pain. I planned a trip to Spain in July and not worried one bit that I cannot do it.

When I think of where I was one year ago compared to now, I am happy!! I am hopeful. I owe so much to Dr. Austin and his fabulous nurse Muoy. They gave me my life back!!!! This is a pic of me and my husband 3 weeks after my surgery!!!

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