Addressing Shoulder & Elbow Pain in Baseball and Softball Players

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Among throwing athletes, shoulder and elbow conditions are top causes for missed playing time. In fact, in professional baseball, shoulder and elbow injuries are the most common injuries to require surgery, and among college baseball players, upper extremity injuries account for 75% of all playing time missed. Fortunately, Rothman Orthopaedic Institute is committed to offering you the resources you need to reduce the risk of such injuries and to provide world-class treatment options if they do occur.

The Shoulder & Elbow specialists at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute have compiled this exclusive guide to help baseball and softball players reduce the risk of injury, identify the sources of shoulder and elbow pain, and identify the best possible treatment options if necessary. In this helpful eBook, you’ll find:

  • An overview of shoulder and elbow anatomy
  • An overview of the causes of common shoulder and elbow conditions
  • Steps to identify these conditions in athletes
  • Tips for preventing injuries in softball and baseball players
  • Nonsurgical and surgical treatment options for common injuries
  • Information on treatment at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute

This eBook is available to you today! Simply fill out the brief form to receive your downloadable copy.

Don’t let shoulder and elbow pain ruin your season! If you are a softball or baseball player who has experienced shoulder or elbow pain, we encourage you to download this eBook today.

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