Ankle Sprain and Fracture Surgeries


In more severe cases, surgery may be required to adequately treat an ankle sprain. Surgery often involves repairing the damaged ligament or ligaments. A Rothman foot and ankle surgeon will select the surgical procedure best suited for each patient based on the type and severity of the injury.

High ankle sprains tend not to heal as quickly as the more common ankle sprains. A Rothman orthopaedic physician will begin treatment by first determining if the injury is stable or unstable. A stable injury is one in which the tibia and fibula do not separate from each other. These injuries can be treated in a cast or walking boot that will be worn for approximately six weeks.When the injury is more severe and unstable, the tibia and fibula separate from each other. Surgery, which involves placing a screw between the fibula and tibia to secure the bones in proper position while the ligament heals, is the most likely treatment. This procedure is generally considered a relatively safe and trusted surgical procedure. 

After surgery, rehabilitation is extremely important. Completing your rehabilitation program is crucial to a successful outcome. Be sure to continue to see your Rothman foot and ankle surgeon during this period to ensure that your ankle heals properly.


Surgery is often required for many types of ankle fractures. The determination for surgery will largely depend on the appearance of the ankle joint on the X-ray as well as the specific type of fracture. Restoring proper alignment of the broken bone is essential to full recovery. Arthritis can occur after an ankle fracture, and the safest way to minimize this risk of arthritis is to recreate a normal ankle joint. If surgery is determined to be the best course of action to achieve this goal, a Rothman physician may recommend this.

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