Minimally Invasive Technique - Dupuytrens Disease

Standard Treatment

The standard treatment called a fasciectomy is a procedure involving open excision of the disease or contracted tissue. This involves an open surgical approach.

Needle Aponeurotomy (NA)

Needle aponeurotomy was first developed in France in the 1970’s and popularized by Dr. Eaton in Florida in 2003 as a minimally invasive alternative to open surgical excision. In NA the surgeon uses a needle to cut or divide the contracted palmar cord. This is done through multiple small puncture sites. No open incisions are used.

If performed by properly trained surgeons the procedure is safe.


The rate of Dupuytrens recurrence has been quoted at 40-65%. The open procedure has an approximate 50% recurrence rate at 5 years while the NA rate is 50% at 3 years.

Immediately the day of surgery the patient can remove the bandages and begin active range of motion. A custom nighttime splint is worn for 3 months and night. A formal rehabilitation is usually not required.

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