Morton's Neuroma Treatment Options

 The Morton’s neuroma, although in its normal position, becomes trapped between the metatarsal bones to each side of it and a ligament that runs from side to side over top of it. When the foot steps down then on the ground, the nerve is entrapped and becomes painful. The inflammation can become chronic, but can possibly be controlled by changing the shoes worn or by being prescribed a professional foot orthotic with accommodation. You and your doctor may decide to use a cortisone injection in the affected web space.  This can decrease the pain, irritation, and inflammation caused by the neuroma. Once the pain is relieved, then the choice of proper shoes is extremely important.

Surgical removal of the neuroma may be needed to relieve pain, but is only considered after other conservative, non-operative treatment options have failed to help. There is a high success rate of surgical nerve removal or neurectomy as the chances of the neuroma returning after surgery is uncommon.

The Rothman Orthopaedic Institute Foot & Ankle Team of doctors are highly trained and committed to helping people to enjoy successful relief of the pain associated with Morton’s Neuroma.

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