Non-operative Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

 Fortunately, most cases of tarsal tunnel syndrome generally heal by themselves with rest and elimination of the inciting activity. Soft and supportive shoes, orthotics, rest, and anti-inflammatory medications are often prescribed for mild cases of tarsal tunnel syndrome. Severe cases, however, require prompt treatment to help prevent nerve damage.

A physician will start the treatment by testing the nerve to rule out other nerve conditions and to confirm the diagnosis of tarsal tunnel syndrome. After confirmation, treatment begins by reducing the inflammation of the nerve with the use of bracing as well as rest.

If the condition does not respond to initial nonsurgical treatment, surgery may be required to explore the tarsal tunnel and release the pressure on the nerve.

Orthotics and soft supportive shoes can help speed recovery during treatment. In some cases, a removable cast may be worn to temporarily rest and immobilize the injured nerve.

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