Elbow Bursitis Treatment

 Elbow bursitis is generally treated with these few simple steps:

  • Rest: It is advised that patients with elbow bursitis should get plenty of rest and carefully protect their elbow until the elbow bursitis has been treated completely. Generally, no special bracing or protection is required and simply avoiding lifting, strenuous activity, and pressure on the elbow will allow the inflammation to subside.
  • In addition, some of the following steps may be done:
  • Anti-inflammatory medications: An oral anti-inflammatory medication is also commonly prescribed. These medications are most helpful with the pain that is caused by elbow bursitis, but they may also help control some of the inflammation.
  • Brief immobilization: Although usually not necessary, immobilization with a splint may prove to be helpful with some patients. However, caution should always be used with immobilization as a stiff (frozen) elbow joint can easily develop. Immobilization beyond a few days is usually avoided and some gentle motion of the elbow joint is encouraged.
  • Surgery:  Surgery can be necessary in chronic cases.

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