Non-operative Fracture of the Talus Treatment

An untreated talus fracture or one that doesn’t heal properly can affect foot and ankle function later in life. This includes the development of chronic pain, arthritis, or even bone collapse.

Treatment for a talus fracture must begin immediately. A well-padded splint should be applied around the back of the foot and leg from the toe to the upper calf. The foot should then be elevated above the heart level and ice should be applied for at least 20 minutes every hour or two until the patient is seen by a doctor. Weight should never be placed on a talus fracture.

In cases where the broken talus is aligned well, the fracture can be treated without surgery. The patient will be fitted with a cast to be worn for approximately six to eight weeks and will not be allowed to place any weight on the foot during that time. After the cast has been removed, the physician will suggest exercises that will help restore the strength and range of motion to the foot and ankle.

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