Ben's Rothman Story - Shoulder Replacement

Ben's Story - Shoulder Replacement



Ben Lerner



Philadelphia, PA


Ben’s Specialty: 



Why did you choose Rothman?

Actually, I chose the surgeon, Dr. Gerry Williams, before he became a Rothman doctor. Since Dr. Williams was already recognized as a national expert in shoulder replacement surgery, it was only a matter of time before he joined Rothman. I was a direct beneficiary of the partnership between a great doctor and a great medical organization.

Describe your experience.

The surgery was, as Dr. Williams assured me, perfect! Within four days, I no longer had any pain in my shoulder. After several months of doctor supervised physical therapy, I regained almost full range of motion, and for the first time in over twenty years, I was able to throw overhand and swing a baseball bat without pain or restricted motion.

What would you recommend to patients considering treatment?

Choose a Rothman physician. Follow her/his instructions to the letter. Prepare yourself to do as good a job at rehab as your surgeon did in the operating room.

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