Brianna's Rothman Story - Orthopaedic Oncology

Movement is a way of life for Brianna. It was huge for her growing up, driving to the rim on basketball courts from high school through college. And as she went off to grad school to study Occupational Therapy, it was going to be a big part of her future. 

Until this August, when she noticed a bump on her foot, which a biopsy revealed to be a form of cancer called an osteosarcoma. Brianna was scared for both her well-being and her career. But after doing her research, she decided to go to Rothman at Jefferson. With confidence and care, her orthopaedic oncologist laid out her treatment options and helped her feel right at home.

Now cancer-free, Brianna is out on the court again and she hasn’t lost a step. She’s on track to get her graduate degree and has never been more excited to begin her career, helping others get moving again.

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