Denise's Story - Hand & Wrist Surgery



Denise J. La Mastra



Swarthmore, PA






Right hand, wrist and elbow were injured during a car accident



Hand, wrist and ulnar nerve surgery


Why did you choose Rothman?

Rothman has many convenient locations to choose from and their physicians/surgeons are all subspecialized.

Describe your experience.

I can’t say enough about Rothman. They are organized and prepared for your visit whether you are a new patient or a follow up and normally, not a long wait to see the doctor. I call them a one stop shop: any test, x-ray, or orthotics fitting for an arm or leg brace can normally happen on their premises.

What would you recommend to patients considering treatment?

Do your homework, take a look at the specialist who are in the field you may need, read the reviews on them and set up an appointment with the doctor to see for yourself.

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