Gail, Total Knee Replacement

I like to say that my doctors at Rothman saved my life twice. Just 6 weeks ago Dr. Lonner did a total knee replacement on my right knee. I am doing great now and almost back to my normal lifestyle. Prior to the knee replacement I had a very active lifestyle playing tennis 3-4 times a week, biking, and on the go almost every day. However, the last year has been rough for me as I was not able to do the activities I love and be independent. My knee pain was so severe that I had to say no to many things. Now, thankfully, I am feeling like my old self again and looking forward to getting on the courts to play tennis again. For that I am very grateful to Dr. Lonner for giving me my life back. 

Six years ago I was in a similar situation where my active lifestyle had suddenly halted. I was in tremendous pain and my walking was compromised. Dr. Greg Anderson operated on my spine for a severely compressed disc. Now every day I thank Dr. Anderson for giving me my life back and allowing me to live actively and do the things I love. 

I did not want to live my life in pain and not be able enjoy every day. Now with great thanks to Dr. Lonner and Dr. Anderson I am pain free and zestfully enjoying life making the most of everyday.

I would be thrilled to share my story with others. I want to let everyone know that there is hope when you are in constant pain and the doctors at Rothman can help you. 

Note: The picture below is me with my husband just 5 weeks post knee surgery on vacation in Mexico where I was able to walk, swim, and walk steps without pain.

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