Jamie’s Story - Spine Surgery

Physical fitness has always been a big part of Jamie’s life. It’s a tradition that began with long runs with his father and one he continued with his own daughters. That is until the summer of 2014. While on a ride training for a Half Ironman race, he hit a fallen tree at 30 mph, launched from his bike, and landed on his head. When he came to and couldn’t feel anything from the neck down, his first thought was that his life had changed forever.

But after being helivaced to the Jefferson Trauma Unit, his Rothman doctors were able to fix his four broken vertebrae with an emergency procedure and set him on the road to recovery. He knew it would be long, but with Rothman’s focus on athleticism and sports—he didn’t have to go it alone.

Thanks to his Rothman doctors at Jefferson, Jamie’s back on the bike, lifting weights, and doing yoga with his daughters again. And most importantly, he’s back to doing what he loves with those he loves.


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