Jessica’s Story – Avascular Necrosis



Jessica Ras



Kingston, PA


Jessica’s Specialty: 

Softball Coach



Bilateral hip replacement and three months of rehab post-surgery



Triple tendon transfer surgery.


Why did you choose Rothman?

After many opinions, my doctor at Rothman was the only surgeon that was confident that I would be able to return to playing collegiate softball and continue my active lifestyle after surgery.

Describe your experience.

Needing a bilateral hip replacement, after going through 2.5 years of chemotherapy, I thought that my life would never be the same.  My family and I sought many opinions until we finally found Rothman.  Choosing Rothman was a life-changing decision because 12 years later, I am living a healthy and active life.

What would you recommend to patients considering treatment?

For anyone considering treatment, I would recommend going for it. Prior to my surgery, I was in so much pain that I was unable to enjoy so many important aspects of life. Since my surgery, I am back to being active and doing all of the things that I love. 

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