Kelsie - Hip Arthroscopy

I've been a hockey player for 17 years. I played hockey in college and professionally in the NWHL. During my freshman year at college, I tore my right labrum in my hip. I played with it for the rest of the year and all of my sophomore year. I decided to get it fixed and Dr. Salvo did an amazing job. I quickly tore my left labrum in my hip and played my last two years of college hockey with it, getting cortisone shots and doing physical therapy to get through.

After college, I didn't think I'd play hockey nearly as often as I had then so I decided to tough it out with my hip. I was lucky enough to be drafted by a team in the newly formed NWHL so I was back on the ice. My hip continued to hurt so I got physical therapy but it did nothing. I decided that I needed to get this one fixed too and didn't hesitate to contact Dr. Salvo. I will be getting my surgery on Monday March 13th, and I'm so excited to be pain free for the first time in five years.

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