Kim's Story - Posterior Lumbar Microdiscectomy



Kim Huston



Florence, NJ



Herniated Disc- L5/S1



Posterior Lumbar Microdiscectomy


Why did you choose Rothman?

I went to Rothman for a second opinion. I chose them because I was advised to find an orthopedic surgeon who was also a neurosurgeon. My Rothman doctor fit the description.

Describe your experience.

I was in a lot, lot, lot of pain because of this disc problem. I had seen a few different doctors from another orthopedic firm, but did not feel as though I was in great hands. At my appointment for a second opinion, I immediately felt a sense of ease, comfort, and confidence upon meeting with my Rothman doctor for the first time. I trusted that I would be getting the best care possible and also felt very hopeful about the outcome if I chose to move forward with them. I scheduled the procedure right then and there, and it was done within about 3 weeks. The support I received was like none other I had ever experienced with any doctor, including the staff. I had a lot of questions especially in the first few weeks of recovery. Support was there at all times, I was met with patience and reassurance at every turn. My recovery has been smooth and steady. I no longer live with the pain I was enduring and I actually cannot believe how long I suffered before making that totally life changing decision to move forward with the surgery!

What would you recommend to patients considering treatment?

I would say, "You do not have to live in pain. I feel like I have a brand new lease on life, and you can too!"

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