Laura E - Mahwah, NJ – Hip & Knee

I have always been an active athlete in swimming, dancing, yoga, and tennis. I also have a passion for horses and riding. A few years ago, I was playing an aggressive tennis match and felt a problem in my left hip afterward. I initially suspected a pulled muscle, but when I began to modify my activities and didn’t see any progress, I sought medical help.

I spoke with a physical therapist who worked with many patients recovering from procedures done by Rothman doctors, and they recommended Dr. Harlan Levine. Once I met Dr. Levine and his physician assistant Jeff, I knew I was in good hands. They offered me a chance to be everything I was before the injury and said I was a perfect candidate for this procedure. 

I never felt any pressure to have the procedure done. Dr. Levine and his team helped me examine all the pros and cons to make a decision. Once I chose to move forward, they provided preparatory physical therapy to quicken recovery time and coordinated with the hospital to ensure I received all the education needed.

While I was at the hospital, Dr. Levine came to check on me every day. He coordinated with the hospital staff to make sure my needs were addressed. It's only been six weeks since my surgery, and the recovery plan laid out for me makes sense and has my safety in mind. All of my friends are so impressed with how comfortable I am walking and driving, and my physical therapist says everything is right on schedule. I look forward to the three-month mark when I can be back on my horse again!

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