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Michelle Singler



Orlando, FL






Claw Hand



First surgery, they had to break all of my fingers and insert pins in them for a few weeks and the next surgery was a tendon transfer.


Why did you choose Rothman?

I chose Rothman because they listened to me. They actually cared and I was not just a number. Rothman Orthopaedics at AdventHealth physicians were able to get me to the correct specialist to where I could start living my life again.

Describe your experience.

Thanks to AdventHealth and Dr. Kachooei at Rothman Orthopaedics, I am living again. I am able to dress myself on my own, brush and blow dry my hair…. Most importantly I can apply my fake eyelashes again, walk my dogs, run, and play video games with my husband.

What would you recommend to patients considering treatment?

What are you waiting for? Call Rothman Orthopaedics at AdventHealth now. I was so depressed thinking I was going to get turned away like other facilities had done to me. Rothman Orthopaedics gave me hope. I have hope and a brand new look on life now. Thank you AdventHealth. Thank you for saving my life Dr. Kachooei.

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