Patty, Total Knee Replacement

Hello, my name is Patty. In 1988, I was injured in a skiing accident, which left me with having to get an ACL replacement on my right knee. The surgery was a success, but over the years, everything around the ACL started to fail. I've had numerous appointments with an orthopedic doctor, which resulted in two arthroscopic surgeries to try and repair the ever-failing right knee. Finally, about 13 years ago, my then doctor told me nothing else could be done for my knee except a knee replacement. He fitted me for a custom made Don Joy brace which was recommended I wear 24 hours a day because at the time, all I heard was that I'm too young for a knee replacement, try to wait longer. So I did. I wore that knee brace every single day, especially at work because I am a food server, on my feet all day. The brace was a blessing but as the years went on, so did my knee problems. I was constantly and consistently in pain every single day. It was a nightmare just to walk up my stairs in my own home.

Finally, in 2011, at the age of 43, after seeing a commercial on TV about the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, I decided I couldn't continue on this daily routine of excruciating pain, so I called them and made an appointment with Dr. Alvin Ong. From my very first Dr. appointment, I knew I was in good hands. Not only had I seen the TV commercial, but I had also heard great things about Dr. Ong through word of mouth. When he came into my room and saw my x-ray, he was amazed at how I was able to continue my daily routine with a knee that was such a mess. He confirmed there was nothing else available to fix my knee besides the replacement and recommended I not wait much longer as his fear was my knee would "blow out" while I was walking.

I scheduled the surgery for August 31, 2011. The surgery itself was a success, considering all that had to be repaired. The pain associated with the surgery was none like I've ever felt before, but I was a trooper and wanted to make sure I did everything required to go through rehab, however, after 7 weeks of rehab, my knee was not bending to the degrees it should've been so Dr. Ong stated I needed a manipulation to break through the scar tissue from the previous surgeries. Once he did the manipulation, I switched rehabs and attended the Rothman rehab. The very next day after my manipulation, the degree in which I was able to bend my knee went from 95 to 113. I was amazed! I continued my rehab at Rothman for the next 6 weeks and was discharged. I must say, since I've had my knee replacement, I am 99.9% pain free! It is the BEST decision I have made in a very long time. I just wish I would've gotten it done years ago because I have NO pain, discomfort, or any issues with my right knee at all! I am going to upload pictures of what my knee looked like before and after my surgery. As you will see, before the surgery, my leg was starting to boe out to the right, which I was also told if I didn't get if fixed, it would've permanently stayed that way. Now my leg is totally straight! I consider myself a success story and a very satisfied patient who tells my story and recommends Dr. Ong and the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute to anyone who will listen.

Thank you,

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