Rachel - Anterior and Posterior Decompression and Fusion C3-7

In May 2017 I had and x-ray that changed my life. I had a muscle in my shoulder that was getting inflamed and wasn’t too bothersome, but defiantly noticeable. I also had some numbness in my thumb that I simply attributed to some excessive texting. The x-ray showed degenerative disc changes. I had a minor surgery in the past in my lower back for a small disc herniation, but with my family history, I insisted on an MRI to be complete. 

A call from my PCP confirmed that this was going to have to be evaluated by a surgeon sooner than later. My anxiety was in high gear now. I needed an major surgery that involved going through the front and back of my neck to fix what silent damage had already been done. I remembered a family friend who had an extensive surgery with Dr. Vaccaro about 20 years prior and then more recently a high school friend who had a less invasive neck surgery with him recently. I then made my appointment with Dr. Vaccaro and never looked back. 

To say I was scared to have this surgery is an understatement. In fact, I almost refused to have it because of my fear of it all. At one of my pre-op visits with the cardiologist, the Dr. told me that anyone can be a surgeon, but that Dr. Vaccaro has a gift with his hands. That sealed that deal for me. Dr. Vaccaro and Mila, his PA, walked me through every step and answered my 6,000 questions without hesitation. I had such fantastic care from the entire team. 

I am now 6 months post op and can’t wait to see what the next 6 months bring.

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