Terri - Total Ankle Replacement

Terri's Rothman Story - Total Ankle Replacement

Most professionals in downtown Philadelphia constantly shuffle this way and that, scrambling to get to their 9:00 meetings or hop on the 5:30 train. Not Terri Johnson. She just strolls. Taking it all in. The sounds, the sights, the smells from the food trucks. While you catch a cab, Terri’s happy to walk.

But this wasn’t always the case. For the majority of her life, Terri struggled with club feet – a congenital deformity causing her ankles to rotate inward. After going through numerous unsuccessful surgeries, Terri was told nothing more could be done.

Then, she found Rothman.

“Rothman thinks of every person as special with very unique needs,” Terri said, while standing on her new, reconstructed ankle. “They made it very clear as to what my options were and what to expect.”

But Terri never expected this. Now she walks, and she walks, and she walks. And when she’s done walking, she walks some more. Her life is no longer dictated by her physical disability. She has a sense of freedom to move around on her own terms, at her own pace. You go, Terri. You go.

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