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Tim's Rothman Story – Spine Surgery

By all accounts, Tim is a handyman. When he’s not working full-time, he’s in the garage refurbishing his ’48 Chevy or crafting his next piece of woodwork. Or he was, until the day he hurt his back and experienced traumatic sciatic nerve pain. The burning in his legs prevented him from doing simple tasks like sitting and bending for extended periods of time. What used to be everyday hobbies turned into painful chores.

That’s when a friend referred him to Rothman. After exploring his options with doctors and staff, Tim decided to have spinal surgery. Under their confident care, Tim felt at ease knowing that he would soon get his quality of life back.

Following the surgery, the burning pain was gone and Tim was back. After gaining mobility, Tim has returned to the garage to work on his passion projects and share his handy skills with his children and grandchildren.

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