Tom - Knee Replacement

On Friday, October 16th 2015 Dr. Eric Levicoff performed a left knee replacement surgery on me at Bryn Mawr Hospital, which went very well. I was released to go home on Sunday, October 18, 2015.

On Thursday, October 22, 2015, I was admitted to the intensive care unit of Bryn Mawr Hospital and was diagnosed with a heart attack combined with pneumonia.

Although Dr. Levicoff was on vacation in Kansas at the time of my heart attack, he called me every day that I was in intensive care to check on my well-being, to confirm that I was being visited by one of his resident physicians on a daily basis to check on my knee condition and to ensure that proper physical therapy was being provided to prevent any complications with my surgically replaced knee.

My sustaining of a heart attack was NOT related in any way to my knee replacement surgery and I advised Dr. Levicoff of same during his initial call to me while in the intensive care unit. Regardless of this information, Dr. Levicoff continued to contact me on a daily basis to make sure I had everything I needed to properly recover from my knee replacement in conjuction with my cardiac rehabilitation. I do not normally recommend anybody to family and friends, particularly doctors because if something goes wrong with the recommendation, I will be held responsible in their eyes. However in Dr. Levicoff's case, I have recommended him a number of times to people suffering with knee pain and are considering a knee replacement. Dr. Levicoff will evaluate your condition and give you a very honest and forthright opinion regarding your condition, and what your best options are.

In my younger days I did a lot of running in high school and college, and I thought those days were long gone after my knee replacement surgery, however I was wrong about that. Thirteen months after my surgery, I ran a road race and my knee has never felt better. I realize a knee replacement surgery is a substantial decision that affects many parts of your life however once again I have no problem recommending Dr. Eric Levicoff to perform this procedure.

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