Meet the Best Hip Replacement Surgeons in Philadelphia

July 18th, 2014
If you are experiencing pain in your hip, especially if this pain is keeping you from moving around, working, and playing in the way that you are used to, it may be time for you and your doctor to talk about surgical treatment for your hip joint. An artificial hip, also known as a hip prosthesis, becomes necessary if the hip joint has deteriorated substantially and can no longer continue to function as it should. When your physician has established that this is the source of the pain in your hip, you will want to entrust your treatment to the best hip replacement surgeons available.
The physicians at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute perform thousands of hip joint replacement surgeries every year, and we assure our patients that, while this procedure can certainly seem intimidating or even dangerous, it is one of the most reliable and safe surgical procedures in modern medicine. In addition, when you have a team of the best hip replacement surgeons, all of whom have studied and practiced at the world’s best medical institutions, you can count on a successful procedure that will relieve your pain and significantly improve your range of motion.
Talk to the Best Hip Replacement Surgeons at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute
The decision to undergo any surgery can be a tough choice to make, especially when you are unsure if the procedure is absolutely necessary. A series of examinations and consultations with our physicians will help you to determine if non-surgical treatments are effective and sufficient; however, if we determine that your arthritis, injury, or wearing of the joint is posing a threat of further damage to your hip joint and to your overall health, we will recommend a total hip replacement surgery.
Contact Rothman Orthopaedic Institute to begin a conversation with our physicians about the possibility of hip replacements. You can count on the best hip replacement surgeons in Philadelphia to deliver an accurate diagnosis, an effective procedure, and a smooth road to recovery.
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