Get Help for Cartilage Injuries in Newark

March 9th, 2015

  If you are like many patients who have experienced cartilage injuries in Newark, you probably did not realize the significance of this small part of your musculoskeletal system until it was too late. Cartilage, especially those found lining the many joints of your body, is an important cushioning and stabilizing agent. Strong, flexible, smooth, and tough, cartilage provides the unique support you need to be able to move your joints easily and without pain. At Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, we often see what happens when these benefits are inhibited due to injury.

Cartilage injuries in Newark are not uncommon and can occur in many different ways. From infection and inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis to direct impact during a sport or other accident, these injuries can happen either over time or in an instant. One feature that almost all of these have in common is that such cartilage injuries, whatever the cause, do not heal well on their own. Because there are no nerves in cartilage, nor is there direct blood flow to it, the healing process can be quite difficult without external help.
Fortunately, orthopaedic experts such as those at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, have developed a number of treatment options which can reduce the pain caused by cartilage injuries and also restore mobility of the affected joint. These include:
1.    Physical Therapy: in mild cases, physical therapy and activity adjustment can provide effective relief to pain, swelling, and instability.
2.   Arthroscopy: this surgical procedure can be used to “smooth” the cartilage or remove any loose pieces.
3.   Transplant: in some cases, meniscus is pulled from cadavers; in others, cartilage can be harvested from the patient, grown in a laboratory and then re implanted, and sometimes, the involved area is so large that the physician needs to transplant cartilage from an allograft which is termed osteochondral allograft transplantation.
If you or someone you love has experienced a cartilage injury, it is important to talk with an orthopaedic specialist early on. He or she can help you determine which course of treatment is the most effective for your situation.
Fortunately, expert help is close by for cartilage injuries in Newark. At Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, our team of orthopaedic specialists can provide you with the diagnosis and treatment you or your loved one may need. Because each of our doctors specializes in one particular area of orthopaedics, our patients receive the benefit of a unique level of focused experience, ensuring the best possible treatment. For more information about the orthopaedic institute providing the Newark area with high quality, compassionate, and affordable musculoskeletal care, contact us today. Call us at 1-800-321-9999 to make an appointment.    


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