Three Need-to-Know Facts about Cartilage Injury Treatments in Montgomery County

August 7th, 2015



Cartilage is the flexible tissue of body that helps cushion your body’s movements. There are three types of cartilage in the body that offer elastic, tough, and springy support. When you or a family member notices swelling, tenderness, or joint pain, the extent of the injury should be assessed immediately. Cartilage injury may occur through a sudden accident, or may degenerate slowly over time. If not treated, arthritis can develop which may lead to pain and immobility. Cartilage will not repair on its own at the pace of typical tissues because it lacks blood supply, so time is of the essence.


Cartilage injury treatments in Montgomery County begin with an assessment by X-Ray or MRI, depending on whether there is a bone break involved. The assessment performed by an orthopaedic expert will focus on patient outcomes and will recommend a treatment strategy, such as physical therapy, arthroscopy or a transplant.

Physical Therapy May Be The Best Option

Physical therapy is a cartilage injury treatment in Montgomery County that can precede surgery, aid in recovery from a surgical procedure, or act as a stand-alone option. Physical therapy treatment will involve exercise aimed at improving mobility, strengthening the muscles around the affected cartilage, and lessening inflammation. Hyaluronates injections may be necessary to nourish the cartilage. When symptoms are mild, physical therapy can be the conservative option that empowers recovery.



Arthroscopy is Used to Diagnose and for Surgical Repair

Arthroscopy is a good option for a qualified candidate. It offers further clarification about the source of the injury in a minimally invasive surgery. During arthroplasty, a fiber-optic camera will accompany small instruments, providing the surgeon clarity on the injury and illuminating his options for fixing it. In some cases, a tear is repaired with stitches, or cartilage is smoothed. Debris is removed, and bone marrow reparative fibrous tissue growth is prompted by drilled holes around the place of injury.

Transplants Address Large Areas of Injury

There are three main types of transplants available as cartilage injury treatments in Montgomery county. Depending on the severity and location of the injury, either the patient’s own cartilage cells will be harvested and grown in the lab and later reimplanted or meniscus is pulled from cadavers for use. In some situations, an osteochondral allograft transplantation will be the best option.

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