The Facts About Degenerative Joint Disease in Delaware County

May 11th, 2015

 If you or someone you love is suffering from degenerative joint disease in Delaware County, you are probably looking for answers, for options, and for hope. At Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, we understand the questions and concerns this condition can raise, and we also have a team of orthopaedic experts available to help you address them. Begin your journey toward relief today by gathering the facts you need about degenerative joint disease and your treatment options in Delaware county. 

FACT: Degenerative Joint Disease Is Common.
Degenerative joint disease, also known as osteoarthritis or wear and tear arthritis, is the most common joint disorder. In fact, it affects more than 25 million people in the country.
One reason that degenerative joint disease is so common is that, like the expression “wear and tear arthritis” suggests, it is a condition that often develops over the normal course of everyday life. It occurs when cartilage degenerates or breaks down over time, causing bones to lose the cushioning that typically allows their smooth and easy movement. Without this cushioning, the exposed bone surfaces eventually begin to rub together, becoming painful and inflamed. In addition to degeneration of the cartilage, other parts of the joints can also become affected by this condition, including the muscles and ligaments. 
FACT: Degenerative Joint Disease Is Treatable.
Although there is no known cure for degenerative joint disease, there are a number of treatment options available which are effective to address the pain, stiffness, weakness, and instability brought on by this condition. So, if you are diagnosed with degenerative joint disease in Delaware County, talk with your doctor about what can be done to address the symptoms. 
For cases in their early stages, doctors often recommend non-operative treatments. These can include one or more of the following options: 
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Prescription medications
  • Injections
  • Braces
  • Physical therapy
Sometimes, a combination of the above reduces the patient’s pain and helps them return to their normal activities. 
In more advanced cases, surgical options may be considered for the patient to experience significant relief or changes in mobility. These procedures may range from a “clean-up” arthroscopy to a total  joint replacement.
FACT: You Can Find Help For Degenerative Joint Disease In Delaware County.
For those suffering from degenerative joint disease in Delaware County, expert help is available nearby at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute. Our doctors, therapists, and surgeons have each specialized in a particular area of orthopaedics, ensuring that you will receive the best possible care from your first visit to your last follow-up. 
For more information about Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today 1.800.321.9999.
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