FAQs for Total Ankle Replacement Physicians

November 4th, 2014

 Total ankle replacement is a surgery that was developed to address serious injuries to a patient’s ankle joint.  Patients, who are not familiar with this procedure, may have some questions about how it works and even where to find total ankle replacement physicians.  The experts at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute are here to answer your questions and help you understand what this impactful procedure can do for patients with severe ankle injuries.

How Does Total Ankle Replacement Surgery Work?
In order to understand what happens during a total ankle replacement procedure, it is important to begin with a brief understanding of how the ankle works.  The ankle joint is formed by the meeting of two bones, the central bone, the talus, the the leg bone called the tibia.  Both are covered with cartilage, which allow the bones to move smoothly.  This joint is also supported by an important third bone, the fibula.
Arthritis and severe injuries can both significantly affect the ability of the ankle joint to move effectively and without pain.  So, in recent years, the total ankle replacement surgery has been developed.  Also known as “ankle arthroplasty”, this procedure involves removing both sides of the ankle and replacing them with prostheses.  These specially designed artificial parts, made of plastic or metal, perform the same function as the original bones, but are stronger and help to reduce pain.
What Are the Benefits of Ankle Replacement?
When developing the procedure for total ankle replacement physicians were looking for a way to address severely injured ankles.  The goal was to find a solution that might work even after other, more conservative approaches had failed.  And, in most cases, this is what the ankle replacement operation is able to achieve in patients.
Most patients seek out this surgery in order to achieve pain relief, and this potential benefit is certainly the most reliable.  Additionally, those whose injury or arthritis has caused immobility or limited motion may enjoy better coordination and range of motion as a result of the total ankle replacement.  In any case, the results of this operation depend largely on your starting point and other health factors, so talk with you doctor about what benefits you can expect.
Where Do I Turn for Total Ankle Replacement?
If you are looking for the best total ankle replacement physicians, it is time to turn to Rothman Orthopaedic Institute. We offer one of the nation’s top joint replacement programs, and our team of specialized ankle surgeons have a unique level of experience and expertise in their field.  Our patients can have confidence that they will receive outstanding service and caring compassion during every step of their ankle replacement journey.  
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