Knee Joint Replacement South Jersey Specialists

April 15th, 2013

Your knee joint is very similar to a hinge - it serves as the meeting point for two major leg bones, the femur and the tibia. Each bone is covered with cartilage at it’s end. This helps to cushion the bones as they move. However, over time, if the protective cartilage is worn down, severe knee pain will result as the bones joining at the knee begin to rub together. 

When the regular functioning of a joint (such as the knee) is disturbed, pain and weakness result. Because the injury causes limitation in normal motions and movement, joint problems can cause many complications and hassles for those experiencing them. Rather than put up with the pain and annoyance of joint problems, come see a knee joint replacement South Jersey specialist at The Rothman Orthopaedic Institute.

Did you know that knee replacement is being performed more often than ever, thanks to the great advancements in technology surrounding joint treatments and surgeries? In fact, after knee joint replacements South Jersey patients are more likely to be able to rebuild strength and resume activities levels. Many of the great strides made in knee replacement technology have been made right here locally at The Rothman Orthopaedic Institute. 

Why Rothman?

The Joint Replacement Program at Rothman is well-known nationally and boasts over 6,500 surgeries performed on a yearly basis. Rothman knee joint replacement South Jersey specialists are trained specifically in the advanced technology associated with this procedure. Among these doctors are many world-renowned surgeons! Our team takes the time to meet with patients one-on-one to discuss history, future prevention, treatment options and to offer a recommended plan of action. That plan of action may be knee replacement. And if it is, you’ll be glad you’re having surgery with the regions top professionals in this field - the knee joint replacement South Jersey specialists at Rothman.

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