Where To Go For Lateral Collateral Ligament Repair In South Jersey

August 7th, 2015



It may have started with a direct blow to your knee, such as a slip and fall or during an athletic event. The knee and surrounding area may have become painful, stiff, and even unstable. After the swelling may have subsided a bit, a chronic pain and stiffness may have remained.


If this scenario sounds familiar, you or your loved one may have experienced a lateral collateral ligament injury. After such an injury, it may be time now to look for experienced orthopaedic doctors who can provide

lateral collateral ligament repair in South Jersey.



The lateral collateral ligament (LCL) is one of four knee ligaments that provides stability to the joint. Located on the outside of the knee, it can be injured by direct force from the side of the knee. In mild cases, in which the knee is stable, rest, ice, rehabilitation, and bracing for four to six weeks is often considered an effective treatment. However, for more severe injuries, there are also surgical options for lateral collateral ligament repair in South Jersey.



A severe LCL injury or tear is one in which the knee has become unstable. In these cases, a surgical repair or reconstruction is typically recommended.  LCL repair is an effective option for tears within a few weeks of the initial injury, in cases where the tear of the ligament is from the upper or lower attachment. However, reconstruction is often considered the better alternative for cases in which the ligament is torn in the middle or the injury occurred more than three weeks ago. The reconstruction is performed using a tendon graft through bone tunnels.



After a lateral collateral ligament repair or reconstruction, patients can expect to be in a brace for six to eight weeks. After the procedure, they will also begin physical therapy to rehabilitate the knee’s range of motion and strength. After about four to six months, the patient may return to regular athletic activities.    



If you are wondering where to go for a lateral collateral ligament repair in South Jersey, look no further than Rothman Orthopaedic Institute. There, you will find doctors and surgeons who have specialized in this particular area of orthopaedics, ensuring that they have the highest level of experience. In addition to expert treatment, you can also be confident that you will receive compassionate care at every step of the way, from diagnosis and treatment all the way through your recovery and rehabilitation.

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