The Lower Back Pain Philadelphia Area Patients Complain of Most

June 3rd, 2014

 Your lower back bears the weight of your entire upper body and acts as the pivotal point for so many of your body’s daily motions. It’s no wonder then that this is also one of the most commonly injured areas of the body. Whether you’ve injured your back because of poor posture while lifting, a poor sleeping position (perhaps that old mattress is too soft) or due to actual impact, such as in an athletic event or because of a car accident, Rothman Orthopaedic Institute has the solutions for the kind of lower back pain Philadelphia patients are facing.

Rather than missing work and suffering with debilitating back pain, call Rothman Orthopaedic Institute to find out how our spine specialists can help. When it comes to the lumbar portion of your spine, pain can be either acute or chronic. Depending on the level and type of your pain, our team will make an assessment and give a specific recommendation to address your particular issue. If conservative treatment methods like rest, heat, physical therapy, injections, pain medication and anti-inflammatories do not work to solve your problem, we also offer surgical options for the lower back pain Philadelphia patients often complain of.
Let’s look at two of the more common surgical approaches to taking care of lower back pain in Philadelphia...
If you are experiencing pressure on a nerve, the result is intense pain in the back. This pressure can be the result of a bone spur or a disc that is bulging outside of the spinal column. A Discectomy allows a surgeon to enter the spinal canal and remove the obstruction, relieving the pressure and therefore also the pain.
This surgery is similar to a Discectomy in that it relieves pressures on nerves, allowing for instant pain relief for patients. During a Foraminotomy, the surgeon will actually enlarge and clean out the areas of the canal where nerves exit the spine and extend to other parts of the body. If these holes (called foramen) are blocked up, the nerves back be pinched and patients may experience pain or numbness, particularly in their limbs. This surgical procedure is an effective method for relieving the common lower back pain Philadelphia patients experience.
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