Suffering From a Meniscal Tear in South Jersey?

April 15th, 2013
The meniscus is a small shock absorber in the knee made of fibrocartilage. Meniscal tears can result in early arthritis and reduce protection of the cartilage around the knee joint. The meniscus is located between the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (leg bone) and helps provide nourishment to the cartilage of the joint. A meniscal tear in South Jersey can be effectively and professionally treated at the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute.
The Rothman Orthopaedic Institute is able to offer the high quality treatment for a meniscal tear South Jersey have come to expect. Our expert doctors can use a variety of treatments, including: arthroscopic meniscal repair, meniscal tear surgeries and non-operative meniscus tear treatment. Depending on the type, place and severity of the tear, our doctors will determine which treatment makes the most sense and will be the most effective. Treatment and diagnosis usually begins with an examination using the hands. A meniscal tear in South Jersey needs to be treated in a facility that can provide MRI technology because the tear will not show up on traditional x-rays, being that the meniscus is not made up of calcium like bones are.
Meniscal tears tend to be extremely painful when they first take place, with pain gradually and sometimes completely disappearing. Meniscal tear South Jersey patients can dramatically decrease pain by reducing physical activity, but will most likely still experience symptoms when they perform particular movements. When most tears occur, they can be heard as a “popping” sound and often feel like a rip or tear. Sometimes the knee will swell dramatically or even worse, it may lock up completely, making it impossible for a patient to extend or bend the knee. Sometimes tears can be associated with ligament rupture. Most meniscal tears are a result of sports related injuries caused by the force of a twisting motion, which is the most common reason for the meniscus to tear. However, tears can also happen quite randomly, resulting from nothing more than a changing of position. Some meniscal tears can be gradual and degenerative, but this is usually only seen in older patients.
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