The Most Recognized Immediate Care Clinic in South Jersey - Specializing in Orthopedics

August 23rd, 2013

Most immediate care clinics provide medical attention for non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries. At the new Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, only specific orthopedic issues will be addressed (such as sprains, strains and fractures), making these new locations the most effective and specialized centers for orthopedic immediate care. Services provided at urgent care clinics are often more cost effective and efficient than going to a traditional, hospital emergency room. As long as the medical issue is not life threatening, your best option may be to visit one of these new centers.

Rothman Orthopaedic Institute is seeking to fill a need in current healthcare services with the opening of their new centers, which are expected to be the most recognized immediate care clinics in south Jersey. With many recent changes to health care law, some people may be worried about changes to their insurance policies and others may be worried about affording medical care in general. But Rothman Orthopaedic Institute Orthopaedic Urgent Care clinics can provide hassle free and affordable medical care for you and your family.
Rothman Orthopaedic Institute centers are expected to rank among the most recognized immediate care clinics in South Jersey. Providing immediate and comprehensive care is our priority. Though we plan to accommodate a large number of patients every day, we also will always seek to be patient-centered at all times. Our staff and physicians are held to the highest standard, which will always result in the best patient experience. 
If you have a busy schedule and find yourself in need of medical attention, you can walk in to our clinic with no appointment and be seen immediately. You don’t have to wait around for your primary physician to have an appointment open up during regular business hours. The Rothman clinics - soon to be the most recognized immediate care clinics in South Jersey - will be open for extended weekday and weekend hours to serve our patients when they need us most. If you are interested in a quick appointment, excellent medical care, and affordable services for orthopedic injuries, an immediate care clinic is the choice for you. For more information, contact us.
Most Recognized Immediate Care Clinic in South Jersey 



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