Physicians for Total Hip Replacement Can All Agree on These 2 Things

The search for qualified, reputable physicians for total hip replacement procedures can feel tedious and overwhelming. But with such a major orthopedic surgery, it’s essential that patients to take the time to find a physician who can get the job done right! After all, you won’t want just any doctor working on your hip. When it comes to total hip replacements, the best physicians are those who specifically focus their care on the hip joint. As specialists in that particular area of orthopedic medicine, these physicians are the most qualified to perform hip joint replacement procedures.

Hip replacement surgeons differ in terms of where they practice, how they actually perform the surgery and what they recommend during the recovery process. However, if you spoke with a dozen different physicians for total hip replacement, they would all probably agree on these two things:

1. Who Needs a Hip Replacement?
If the hip is severely injured, like in the case of a hip fracture, a joint replacement may be necessary (especially if the patient is already suffering from osteoporosis or is particularly susceptible to repeat injury). Aside from a serious injury that results in a bone break or fracture, hip arthritis is another common reason for a patient to consider having a total hip replacement. When cartilage is worn down, bone on bone interaction produces pain and inflammation occurs in the joint. Over time, this can turn into a chronic, dull ache or pain in the buttocks, upper leg or groin. A patient with these symptoms could benefit from the dramatic pain relief that a total hip replacement can provide.
2. How is the Procedure Done?
An incision is made, giving the surgeon access to the hip joint. Damaged cartilage is cleaned out and the upper part of the femur bone is replaced with a prosthetic “ball,” which rests inside of the new “socket” component of the artificial joint. A spacer is then added between the new ball and socket to mimic the role of natural cartilage and facilitate smooth movement for the joint. Physicians for total hip replacement will differ on whether or not to use cement in the placement of the prosthetic pieces. This decision is made based on the surgeon’s assessment of the patient’s age, bone quality and general activity level.
While the answers to the two questions above may be relatively standard across the board, there are still dozens of questions that could be asked of potential surgeons. You probably already have a few in mind:
  • How long is the average recovery from total hip replacement?
  • What kind of hip precautions will I need to maintain?
  • Are there risks or potential complications involved in this procedure?
  • How long is the surgery and what are my options for pain management?
  • Can I expect my new hip joint to last the rest of my lifetime? 
The questions can seem endless and the search for the perfect surgeon can feel overwhelming. But here at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, we can help make your search just a little easier. With an entire team of hip specialists practicing at our convenient, regional locations, you can have access to some of the nation’s best orthopedic care providers - right here in your own neighborhood! And with the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute name comes the guarantee of excellent care. Our physicians are all committed to continued education and are often leading new advancements and improvements in their areas of expertise. We are patient-focused, but we also know that results matter, so we make decisions based on proven statistics and the latest research.
When you call Rothman Orthopaedic Institute to set up an appointment, you’ll know that you’re receiving the best and most comprehensive approach to orthopedic care. There’s a reason that we’re known throughout the region - and the country - for our joint replacement expertise. We invite you to give us a call and find out why! With over 4,000 successful hip surgeries performed, Rothman Orthopaedic Institute is the perfect place to take your search for physicians for total hip replacement procedures.

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