Reasons to Consider Replacement Knee Surgery

June 3rd, 2014

 Replacement knee surgery is often a medical necessity if the pain and lack of mobility resulting from deterioration of the cartilage is forcing the patient to abstain from his or her usual activities. While preventative care is essential, and it can often delay or eliminate the need for knee replacements, the unfortunate reality is that surgery is quite commonly required for patients who suffer from arthritis, sports injuries, and joint damage due to accidents and a variety of disorders. For many older patients who need both knees replaced with prostheses, a Staged Bilateral Total Knee Replacement is required, meaning that the two operations will take place several months apart. Younger patients, having the possibility for a faster and easier recovery, can undergo a Simultaneous Bilateral Total Knee Replacement.

Talk to Your Doctor About Replacement Knee Surgery
If the pain in your knees is becoming a constant issue, or if you are finding it more difficult to bend your knees or perform your everyday household tasks, it is important to discuss these potentially serious medical issues with a physician. Ideally, you will consult with an orthopedist who specializes in treatments and procedures for knee joints, who can evaluate your current condition and offer you medical advice from his or her specialized experience. At Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, you can count on high quality, compassionate care from physicians who perform replacement knee surgery on thousands of patients every year.
The following indicators of knee joint deterioration should be discussed with your physician immediately:
  • Constant or recurring pain and discomfort in your knees, whether sitting, standing, walking, or running
  • Stiffness, especially after sitting for an extended period of time
  • Loss of flexibility, whether sudden or gradual
  • Grating or clicking sounds when you bend or extend your legs
If these symptoms are affecting you, contact Rothman Orthopaedic Institute today to discuss the possibility of replacement knee surgery. We look forward to helping you regain your comfort, strength, and ability to work and play.


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