Rothman Orthopaedics Introduces Virtual Visits

April 16th, 2020

Your safety comes first to us and your health is our top priority, now more than ever. From our screening processes to our surgical equipment, technology has allowed us to help people return to their daily lives quickly and receive orthopaedic care safely. 

Through virtual visits, you can safely meet with your doctors virtually through your cell phone, tablet or computer, in the comfort of your own home without worrying about compromising your health. It’s inconvenient to take a trip to the doctor’s office, especially when you’re dealing with a painful injury. Sometimes it’s just not possible for you to travel to your doctor. Virtual visits bring the doctor to you, providing you with the confidence that you’re getting the attention and care you need.

And the best part is - it’s easy! Get started with Rothman’s Virtual Visits today to get the answers and treatment that you deserve.

How will my doctor be able to diagnose me if we’re not in person?

Virtual healthcare has been proven effective for health centers across the country. One study in the Harvard Business Review even showed that a virtual visit pilot program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital yielded a 97% satisfaction rate among patients, with 74% stating “that the interaction actually improved their relationship with their provider.”

You’ll have a productive face to face conversation with your doctor. Although he or she will not be able to have physical contact with you, your symptoms will be thoroughly evaluated in order to determine a diagnosis and treatment method. Your quality of care will not be compromised and you’ll still receive the undivided attention of an in-person appointment.

What if I’m not very good with technology?

Don’t worry, we understand not everyone will be well-versed in technology. Call to speak with our dedicated team who will walk you through the process, help you with connectivity issues and address any concerns to ensure you have a productive virtual visit with your doctor. More details on the phone calls before your virtual appointment can be found here.

To ensure you have all you need for your appointment, we’ll run a compatibility check on your device. This analysis will ensure that your camera and microphone are working properly. If you are on your mobile phone/tablet and logged in through Safari, there will be no issue. If you are logged in through your computer/laptop, Google Chrome is encouraged.

How do I access my appointment? 

There are a few different methods to begin your appointment. Choose between email access, the browser on your smartphone, tablet or computer, or through an app. 

How does it work?

  • Set up an appointment. A physician will be chosen for you based on your location. He or she will conduct your visit via secure video accessible through the Rothman Patient Portal. A camera and microphone will be required on your device. You’ll receive an email from our electronic medical records provider ( with information on how to access your appointment (subject line: Telemed Appointment Confirmation from your doctor’s office). Follow the “Email Access Instructions” below to prepare for your visit. If you did not provide an email address, please follow the “Appointment Access without Email Instructions.” If you have any questions regarding accessing your appointment, please call 267-358-6076 or email   

  • Enter the virtual waiting room. At the time of your appointment, you’ll enter the waiting room until your doctor is available.  The virtual waiting room is accessible through a link in the confirmation email you will receive.

  • Your virtual visit will begin. You’ll discuss your symptoms during your appointment and your physician will work with you to determine a diagnosis and a treatment method. 

  • Receive treatment. E-prescriptions will be sent over if you’re in need of medication.

  • Schedule follow-up appointments. The physician’s support team will help you schedule follow-up appointments if necessary or if x-rays are required. If you’re in need of x-rays, they will be taken in the Rothman office most conveniently located to you. A safe process will be strictly enforced, ensuring you are in and out as quickly as possible to reduce the amount of interaction.

You don’t have to deal with unmanaged pain any longer. Get safe orthopaedic treatment today. Click here to start your Virtual Visit. 

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