Rothman Spine Team representing our Institute at the Global Spine Congress in Paris, France!

Jose A. Canseco, MD, PhD December 3rd, 2021

From November 3-7, 2021, the Rothman Spine research team traveled to Paris, France, to participate in the Global Spine Congress. This meeting, hosted by AO Spine, is the leading world spine congress that provides a forum for surgeons from around the world to network, exchange research findings and interventional advancements, as well as learn from the latest innovations in the field. This year, the meeting was a hybrid event, with participants providing talks virtually and in person. 

The Rothman team had several talks, hosted by Dr. Gregory Schroeder, Dr. Jose Canseco, and Dr. Brian Karamian; as well as various poster presentations. Our president, Dr. Alex Vaccaro, was a moderator at several sessions on Spine Trauma. 

Understanding the AO Spine Subaxial Cervical Spine Injury Classification system

Some of the research presented by the Rothman group included the development of the AO Spine Subaxial Cervical Spine Injury Classification system – a way to diagnose and recognize traumatic injuries to the vertebrae of the neck. 

Surgeons and researchers use classification systems to communicate effectively with each other regarding common injuries, and use them to establish algorithms for treatment. When developing new classifications, it is imperative to create systems that are reliable and can be applied by surgeons from every country and with various forms/levels of training. Therefore, the Rothman team had the task of analyzing survey data from almost 200 spine surgeons from around the world and establish the reliability of the new classification, as well as to generate a score with the system so that injuries can be assigned degrees of severity that can then help dictate management. 

The results of the study showed that the classification is very reliable, and that it provides a solid foundation from which treatment algorithms can be developed. The next step in the process is to survey more surgeons regarding injury treatment options, whether they are surgical or non-surgical, and to assign severity scores to intervention options. 

The AO Spine Knowledge Forum Trauma Subcommittee

In addition, the Rothman team participated in the AO Spine Knowledge Forum Trauma subcommittee meeting. During this gathering, world experts discuss specific trauma cases, develop research projects and organize outreach activities that can help raise awareness on spine trauma and improve spine surgery education around the world. 

Of course, travelling to Paris also includes having fun. Dr. Vaccaro and Dr. Schroeder took the Spine team to the Eiffel Tower for a 5-course gastronomic experience. From appetizers to crab flavored curry and from scallops to venison, this was an unforgettable night of dining over 400 feet in the air. Our team looks forward to next year where we will again have the opportunity to share our research and our world-renowned experts in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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