The Solution for the Shoulder Separation Philadelphia Patients Experience

May 22nd, 2014
For local patients dealing with shoulder separation, the pain and inconvenience of the injury is a fact of daily life. At Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, world renowned physicians offer the solution for shoulder separation Philadelphia patients need. 

All About Shoulder Injuries

The injury that is commonly referred to as “shoulder separation”  is in fact actually an injury to the AC joint, which is the place where the collarbone and shoulder blade meet. When an individual falls onto their shoulder, the ligaments under the collarbone can be torn away and the shoulder blade can move downward. A visible bulge on the top of their shoulder is an indication that an injury to the AC joint has occurred. 
The kind of shoulder separation Philadelphia patients usually sustain is a result of either a fall while playing sports or impact from a car accident. Occasionally, there are other scenarios that may cause separation of the AC joint as well.
A shoulder separation should not be confused with a shoulder dislocation, which actually takes place at the larger shoulder joint itself when the arm bone becomes separation from the literal shoulder socket. Even after having the joint put back into place, the patient may experience frequent occurrences of the arm bone pulling back out of the joint due to damaged ligaments.
In both shoulder injuries mentioned above, the problem is usually a ligament issue. Depending on the injury, it could be accompanied by a fracture, but separations and dislocations of joints happen because ligaments are damaged and can no longer provide the stability to hold the joint together.
If you’re looking for the best care for shoulder separation Philadelphia area physicians can provide, it’s time to call Rothman Orthopaedic Institute! Our team of shoulder specialists perform thousands of successful surgeries throughout the region on a yearly basis. Your injury may or may not require surgery, but even for more conservative treatment options, you’ll want only the best physicians working with you. We can help you get better, faster. Call us at 1-800-321-9999.
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