Spinal Surgery South Jersey Patients Can Trust

April 15th, 2013

The human spine is central to the overall health and movement of the body. Without it, we are left without the strength, support and structure that we need in our torso to be able to perform basic functions like bending, twisting or even walking upright. In addition to supporting our frame and mobilizing the head and neck, the spine also serves another very important purpose. It is the protecting shield for the spinal cord, which is essential to brain function.

If you’ve ever experienced a spinal injury, you know that the body can suffer major setbacks as a result. Many of the patients that Rothman doctors see for spinal issues are dealing with significant pain on a daily basis. In addition, their movement is very limited, making even the simplest tasks frustrating and difficult. For spinal surgery South Jersey patients, seeing a Rothman spine expert is sometimes the first glimpse of hope they have for a better life.

Getting Spinal Surgery in South Jersey

Luckily, the well-established, research-driven spine teams at the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute offer a wide range of treatments and procedures to address spinal-related injuries. For local patients looking for spinal surgery South Jersey has the solution - the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute! Did you know that our surgical teams complete over 2,500 procedures each year? There’s no reason to wait any longer or continue dealing with a life of pain. Come talk with a Rothman specialists, who can assess your situation and recommend the best approach to care.

Our advanced technology may even make you a prime candidate for a minimally invasive procedure, which would use a smaller incision, cause less bleeding and require only a short hospitality stay! We invite you to call Rothman today to ask about the spinal surgery South Jersey options that are available for you!

Spinal Surgery South Jersey | Spinal Surgery in South Jersey

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