The World Of A Phillies Doctor: A part of the Phillies Family

Michael G. Ciccotti, MD April 18th, 2013

The gates of Bright House Network Field open and a sea of red floods the concourse. It’s 10:35 am. 2 ½ hours before first pitch. Dr. Ciccotti is still in his seat. Still being a fan, but his time is running out and the rest of his work day quickly approaches with each passing minute.

Dr. Ciccotti doesn’t have one favorite player. He admires and respects each and every one of them. Some he is closer to than others, but there is no playing favorites. Growing up in Scranton he was born and raised a Phillies fan. Over the years in his role he has met some of the Phils greats of yesteryear. One of these greats became a favorite of his, but for reasons far different than those accomplished on the field.

“One day my father was visiting me at the ballpark and in came Tug McGraw,” recalled Dr. Ciccotti. Tug was the heart and soul of that 1980s’ World Series team and beloved by almost everyone he came in contact with. So when I introduced him to my father that day well my dad was just plain giddy. What happened after that is why I hold a special place in my heart for Tugger. The brief introduction between these two very different men turned into a full blown friendship. They just hit it off and were friends from that moment on. Tug McGraw, the hero of the 1980 World Series and my dad.  It says a lot about the kind of guy Tug was.”

“Now my kids,” says Dr. Ciccotti, who has four children, “have been raised around the ballpark. It’s just been part of their life.  In 2008 when we won the World Series, my whole family was at the ballpark with me. And as excited as I was that we won, it was even more special because my wife and children were with me. They are all big fans, and they have all been so supportive of my efforts with the Phillies. This organization is truly a family, and this attitude begins with David Montgomery the President and filters throughout all aspects of the team. They have  embraced my family. I am truly fortunate.” 

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