Answers To Your Questions About Torn Meniscus Treatment

May 20th, 2015

 If you or your loved one has experienced a meniscal tear, you probably have a number of questions about your injury and what treatment options are available. The knee specialists at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute understand, and they have the answers to all of your questions about torn meniscus treatment options for you. 

How Do I Know I Need Torn Meniscus Treatment? 
The meniscus is a strong, fibrocartilage element within your knee which serves as a shock absorber when you run, walk, or jump. It helps to stabilize your knee joint as well as to nourish the joint cartilage surrounding the bones within your knee joint. 
Some of the common symptoms of a torn meniscus include:
a popping sound in the knee
a tearing or ripping sensation in the knee
swelling in the knee
a popping or catching sensation in the knee
pain and discomfort in the joint, especially with increased activities
If you have experienced one or more of these symptoms, it may be time to visit the doctor. She or he will likely perform a hands on examination and an MRI to confirm your condition before recommending torn meniscus treatment options.
What Treatment Options Are Available? 
Not all such injuries are the same, so the torn meniscus treatment that your doctor recommends will depend upon the severity of your injury, as well as your age and typical activity level. 
For a minor tear, your doctor may recommend monitored non-intervention. This option typically involves a period of resting to allow the tear to heal on its own. Over time, the tear will require further monitoring to ensure that further pain or instability do not develop. 
For a more severe tear of the meniscus, a surgical approach may be more appropriate. This may include either excision or repair. Excision refers to the removal of the injured fibrocartilage. The decision as to which approach may be best will depend upon many factors, including the age, size, and location of the tear, as well as your typical activity level. 
How Long Will Recovery Take?
The length of your recovery will depend significantly upon the severity of the injury and the torn meniscus treatment you receive. Both nonoperative and surgical treatment options, though, have high rates of success. To optimize your recovery, be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions about rest, bracing, and any physical therapy which may be necessary to rebuild strength and stability. 
Who Can I Trust For The Best Treatment? 
If you or someone you love has experienced a torn meniscus and you live in the tri-state area, Rothman Orthopaedic Institute is your best option for excellent treatment. Our knee specialists bring a unique level of expertise to every procedure, ensuring that you are receiving the latest care from a team of experts. 
For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 1-800-321-9999.
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