You are what you eat!

It has taken me quite some time to realize the value of a healthy well balanced diet. There are many aisles in the grocery store that no one has any business going down. In my practice, I evaluate and treat patients with neck and back pain. My goal is to diagnose and treat pain generators in hopes of every individual decreasing their pain, improving their functional abilities, and subsequently improving the quality of their lives. But I cannot do this alone, I need each and every patient to know that they are capable of making positive changes in their lives that will impact their longevity.

A poor diet can lead to or worsen many medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, osteoporosis, migranes, depression, and chronic pain. I hear it all the time from patients, “ I have gained so much weight but I don’t eat that much, I haven’t even eaten breakfast.” That is when I throw my face in my hands and say…. “ahhhhhhh!”. It is so important to keep one’s metabolism running optimally by eating small frequent meals. An example would be to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2-3 snacks throughout the day. A snack may consist of a serving of cottage cheese and an apple. And drink lots of water!

My challenge to everyone is to go to the grocery store this week and purchase only lean proteins (beef, poultry, fish, eggs, etc) fresh produce (spinach, broccoli, peas, sweet potatoes, etc), brown rice, and water! Avoid any processed foods, sodas/juices, candy, cookies, etc. Eat 6 small meals a day, each meal should have a small amount of protein and a fruit or vegetable. Once a week you may splurge and have a cheat meal. Do this for 2- 3 weeks consistently and you will be amazzeeeedddd how wonderful you feel! Then continue with this! This is a lifestyle change!

Don’t forget to supplement your diet with at least a multivitamin, glucosamine/chondroitin (for joint health); Calcium/Vitamin D/Magnesium (for osteoporosis prevention), and Vitamin C.

I know you can do this!

Natacha Falcon

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