Orthopedic Trauma & Fracture Care Surgery

The recovery process for fracture patients will begin immediately following surgery. Depending on the nature of your injury and operation, a hospital stay may be needed for monitored recovery or follow-up surgical operations; some fractures require two or more surgeries in order to repair damage and restore function.

Whether you are immediately discharged or remain under inpatient care for a full week, the majority of your orthopaedic trauma recovery process will be spent at home. Patients will need to familiarize themselves with their physical limitations during this period, as a number of routine activities and motions will be restricted. Occupational therapists and, in some cases, physical therapists will be paired with patients to determine the best means of protecting the injured area while gradually restoring use and returning to normal life.

Patients should plan to have assistance with their daily activities during the first few weeks of post-surgery recovery. Most patients will experience full healing of their fractures within eight weeks. After the fracture has sufficiently healed, more extensive therapies will typically be advised to restore full function and ensure successful long-term outcomes.

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