Common Symptoms of Shoulder & Elbow Conditions

Your symptoms are some of the most important indicators of orthopaedic conditions; the most common symptoms of shoulder and elbow injuries include pain, stiffness, instability, weakness, swelling, and bruising.

Pain is the central symptom related to shoulder and elbow conditions; and the type of pain a patient experiences will vary greatly depending upon the particular condition. While arthritis and similar degenerative conditions may cause general joint pain, a fracture patient will likely experience severe, acute pain.

Related symptoms likewise vary depending upon the particular issue or injury. Certain injuries, such as tendon ruptures and loose bodies, may cause popping noises or locking sensations. Swelling may be related either to fractures or to arthritis. Reduce mobility may likewise be caused by arthritis, or may be related to a torn muscle, tendon, or ligament. Some injuries, such as dislocations, may even cause visible deformity.

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