Non-Surgical Options: Foot & Ankle

Lifestyle modifications. Physical therapy. Bracing and assistive devices. Medications. For many patients with foot and ankle conditions, nonsurgical treatment options such as these can be highly effective at eliminating symptoms and treating their root cause; all while avoiding the need for surgery.

For patients with degenerative conditions, nonsurgical options can help to manage chronic symptoms and prevent the advance of joint damage. For example, a patient suffering from arthritis of the ankle may be advised to make lifestyle alterations that reduce joint stress (such as weight loss or reduction of high-impact activity) and be prescribed anti-inflammatory medications or cortisone shots. Traumatic injuries can likewise be effectively treated with non-surgical care. For example, a foot ligament sprain or bone fracture may simply require the assistive support and immobilization of a brace, boot, or cast to fully heal.

Mild to moderate foot conditions are typically treated nonsurgically; and such treatments may even be fully sufficient for cases of severe foot and ankle pain. In fact, 95% of foot and ankle pain is resolved without surgical intervention.

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