Amalia’s Story – ACL Tear, Hip Labral Tear and Lumbar Radiculopathy



Amalia Tadduni



Bryn Mawr, PA


Amalia’s Specialty: 

Physician Assistant



ACL tear, hip labral tear and lumbar radiculopathy



ACL reconstruction with meniscal repair, hip labral repair with femoral osteoplasty and lumbar epidural injections


Why did you choose Rothman?

I chose Rothman because the surgeons and physicians provide empathetic care and subspecialized orthopedics. Rothman is research focused to provide the best and most up to date surgical/procedural techniques. I have worked with many surgeons and physicians at Rothman as a physician assistant and have firsthand seen their skills and expertise at work in both the office and operating room. 

Describe your experience.

My experience with Rothman started before I became an Orthopedic Physician Assistant. My Rothman surgeon became a mentor of mine which ultimately led me to pursuing this career path. As a patient, I felt reassured by the physicians and surgeons that I would be able to resume the exercise lifestyle I once had. I always had great communication with the staff members regarding my care. 

What would you recommend to patients considering treatment?

I would recommend patients seek treatment who want to live a healthier and happier life. Surgery does not have to be the answer for everyone, but patients owe it to themselves to become educated on their treatment options. I treat many patients who wish they had sought treatment sooner after seeing post procedural and surgical results.

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