Ulnar Shortening Osteotomy

I began to experience pain in my right wrist last July (2016). The way I would describe the pain as simply as possible, is that every time I would turn my right in a circle, the pain & sensation of muscles pulling and stretching would take over my arm basically. I knew at that point I tore something, & I needed to see a hand/wrist specialist. Without hesitation, I decided that Rothman was my first choice. Dr. Pedro K. Beredjiklian (or as his patients call him Dr. B) saw me in late August & after hearing my symptoms, immediately sent me for x-rays & MRI. Dr. B & his amazing staff throughly explained that I had a pretty bad tear & the way to fix it would be to basically fracture my forearm bone and realign the bone/ligaments. Obviously the natural reaction is to be taken back by the type of procedure, but Dr. B couldn't have been more gracious and took his time answering ALL of my questions. I quickly scheduled surgery for September 7th, 2016 at the beautiful surgical facility at the Navy Yard in South Philadelphia. Before the procedure, Dr. B came in to make sure I was comfortable and reassured my family that I was in good hands (no pun intended). The surgery went smoothly & once I woke up I was greeted by Dr. B to explain exactly what he did & how well it went. Before I was discharged, he made sure we understood what to to expect post-surgery. The days following the surgery, I totally expected to be in pain, but I could honestly say I felt great. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and here I am 5 month later feeling better than ever.

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