Jerry - Rotator Cuff Tear, Labral Tear

I had become an avid cyclist over the past few years when, in the interests of the environment and general do goodedness, I took a large container of paper to the local recycling station. As the container went up over the edge I went down. Diagnosed almost immediately with a torn rotator cuff by Dr. Pepe, I scheduled surgery for mid February.

In the mean time I continued to ride my roadbike about 25 miles a day. It wasn't too sore but required extra care.

I visited my daughter attending Appalachian State University in Novemeber and while in the stadium, slipped on a small patch of ice. I grabbed the railing to keep from going down.

On returning home, I went for a ride and realized I could barely grip the handlebars. Riding ended. Surgery was already scheduled so I bided my time. 

After surgery, Dr. Pepe asked what had happened since the MRI because there was far more injury than showed in the test results. I explained about the slip and he told me about the torn labrum. He suggested I might not ride for a while.

I began rehabilitation almost immediately. Recovery was going well and within three months I received permission to ride a beach cruiser. 25 miles on a beach cruiser is a heck of a workout! Within six weeks I was given permission to ride my roadbike again and after a tentative two months, I was back to normal distances and times.

Thanks Dr. Pepe! You got me back to full functioning in six months. Way to go Ace!

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