Marina, Lumbar Decompression

Dr. Vaccaro saved my life after suffering from a grade 2 spondy (L5S1) and severe sciatica for 1.5 years. I had a total of 12 epidurals as well as a multi level rhizotomy. Only the first epidural worked for 8 weeks. I am a single mother with a career in medical sales and marketing and opioid pain meds was NOT an option. By the time I saw Dr. Vaccaro I had no vertebrae left, it was bone on bone. I could barely stand, sit and especially walk. I wanted my life back and that is what I got. I was always active so returning to walking was only challenging in the beginning after surgery. I fused very fast. I'm grateful to tears when I think what I overcame. All of the horror stories subsided once I met with Dr. Vaccaro. His team is great from Mila (PA) to Michelle (Nurse) to Darlene (front desk). Thank You Dr. Vaccaro and Rothman my life back!

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